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the green island

Green Island Bali is a facility for preservation of the marine ecosystem, specially in Serangan island.
Vision and Mission of GREEN ISLAND Bali is giving real contribution in preserving marine environment, especially in the Serangan island through Conservation, Marine Education and Ecotourism.


    Coral Plantation, Seahorse Release , Baby Sea Turtle Release


    Getting to know about sea horses, sea turtles, and sharks


    snorkelling, diving, coral sightseeing


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Sea Horse Release

Seahorses populations are threatened due to overfishing. Seahorses used in traditional herbology and as many as 20 million seahorses have been caught each year for this purpose.

Coral Reef Preservation

Adopt Coral Reef is the way in preserving coral reef in the GREEN ISLAND Bali using technique of transplantation.

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